Each week the children will have quests, or tasks they need to accomplish within the 6 areas of focus (Fasting, Evangelism, Prayer, the Word, Sacrifice and Worship).
Quests will highlight a main area of focus as well as include a challenge of daily prayer, devotions, scripture reading, and fasting.

As the children come each week, they will join the “Quest for Fire” Adventure Team as they journey through the 6 levels of the Quest.  Each class will have their own map so the children can navigate through the 6 different areas which will include the cave of darkness, wild monkeys, the sludge pit, and a draw bridge leading to the eternal flame.  Will you find the ETERNAL FLAME?


  • 10 Kids to receive the Holy Ghost
  • 10 Kids to be water baptized in Jesus’ name
  • 20 Bible Studies to be taught to children

What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children!

  1. Ask them to see their Quest booklet each week.
  2. Have them keep their Quest booklet in a place that they won’t get lost.
  3. Help children to set aside a time each day to complete their Quests.
  4. Provide help with the Quests, if needed.
    • Example:  Help with reading, writing, etc.
  5. Remind the children to bring their Quest booklet, Bible, and offering to church each Sunday morning for a special reward.

 Special Events:

  • Kids Konnection groups will be hosting special outreach events.  The children will be able to invite their friends to join them for a fun night with games, pizza, and ice cream!
  • Each group will meet on their designated night at the church from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.  The goal of this event is to have guests!  Parents, you can help us make sure we have a successful outreach event!
    • Friday, September 18th   Pink Sea Stars:  3rd – 5th Grade Girls
    • Friday, September 25th   Yellow Marlins:  K – 2nd
    • Friday, October 2nd   Blue Great Whites:  3rd – 5th Grade Boys