Keeping the Dream Alive

A 12-month campaign effort raising funds in order to build a new church on the peninsula!
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A letter from Pastor JR Arango

Dear Peninsula Pentecostals Family & Friends,

Over the years, we have seen some amazing things happen on this peninsula. Our congregation was born in October of 1980. Since its infancy, this assembly has been blessed with apostolic revival and continuous growth. With God’s favor and blessing we have relocated to 3 different locations and have grown from a small group of 10 people to now envisioning an expansion into a 1200-seat sanctuary.
In the life cycle of any organization, whether it is a corporation, a small business or a church, there comes a time when they reach a fork in the road.  The Peninsula Pentecostals have reached a pivotal junction that will determine the future of our congregation.  We must make the right turn at this intersection or we will continue to wander in the wilderness of “what could have been” for an indefinite amount of time.  Making the right choice at this time will bridge us from our history and present to our future.  We stand on the edge of a cliff with 20 years of history behind us looking across a deep chasm to the other cliff of the next 20 years plus.  We must cross over to the other cliff.  We cannot fail or allow ourselves to fall into the crevasse between these two cliffs.  Our strategy to cross over to the other side is this capital stewardship campaign, “Keeping the Dream Alive,” and our goal is to reach for $500,000 dollars.  Together, we will say “Yes” to the challenge.  With God leading us, it shall come to pass!
This will be our focus for the coming 12 months, which will clear the path for the future growth of our congregation and the evangelization of our peninsula.  My family and I, along with all our church leaders, will lead the way in radical faith and through sacrificial giving.  With this God-ordained challenge before us, we enthusiastically ask you to join us in the journey to the other side. I am confident that God’s blessings will be upon you and that He will honor your faith as you say “YES” to the challenge!   There is a sense of destiny in the air!  Together we can do this!  Get ready for a MIRACLE!
Keeping the Dream Alive!


Our Campus

Our new church property will be located at 9230 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg, VA, right off of Route 60. The piece of land that we have acquired is 40 acres, which is over 13 times larger than our current property… and we need the space! This land will allow us to build a large sanctuary, ministry halls, an oversized parking lot, a K-12 school, gym, community daycare, and more! We can’t wait to see it all in person. It’s been a dream in the mind of our church for a while, and soon it will become a reality!


Imagine coming to this new church on a Sunday. It won’t be long until you see someone pulling up to you in an extended golf cart offering you a ride to the main entrance. You step off the cart and walk into an overwhelmingly huge foyer being greeted by the friendliest people in town. As you walk towards the sanctuary doors, you will notice a cafe lining the right wall of the foyer and a bookstore to the left. Once you step into the sanctuary, you will see incredible stage lighting giving light to an incredibly large platform. Imagine being escorted to your seat and waiting for service to start. As service begins, you look around and notice hundreds of new faces beside and behind you lifting their hands and singing loudly with all sincerity. As the preaching ends, you see the unexpected guest run to the altar and weep before our gracious God receiving healing and love that they have never felt before. Do you see it?


This is what this campaign is all about. You may ask why we are doing this. The answer is simple: because every soul counts. Right now, we don’t have any more room for the thousands of people on the peninsula that are in need of an encounter with Jesus. Whatever amount God encourages you to give, remember that every dollar is going towards another soul being saved. Are souls worth the sacrifice? Are souls worth the money? Yes. Yes, they are. Together, we will make this dream a reality!



Our Commitment

Starting January 12, 2014, we began to embark on the most important journey in the history of our church. Over the next 9 weeks, we had very specific topics that addressed our past, our present, and our future. On the 8th Sunday, March 2, everyone made a financial commitment. At this moment, God spoke to many people in our church about the amount He wanted them to give. The week after, on March 9, we celebrated the overall total of what the church committed to giving and rejoiced together about how God would demonstrate His promises to us.


So you might feel a little apprehensive about giving a significant amount of money to God, or maybe finances are looking tight for you and your family right now. We understand. Money issues are running ramped across America right now: jobs are being lost, prices are rising, etc. But let us assure you of two things that we are confident of. First, we know that God is still in control. He has power to provide when all signs are negative. God is our provider and He will never forsake us. Maybe there are signs in your life that encourage you to not give as much as God has been telling you to give. Don’t be discouraged or worried; follow God and He will provide.


The second thing we know for sure is God always allows the testing of our faith in Him. Most of the time, God’s vision for your life will test your limits and stretch your faith. That is just how God operates. If the amount of money God has urged you to give seems improbable or even impossible, then you are in a perfect situation in which you can develop your faith in Him and God can perform a miracle.


When you allow God to work a miracle in your life, He will totally blow your mind. There have been hundreds and hundreds of people who have trusted God and gave when their bank accounts told them not to and God not only provided for them, but He blessed them beyond measure. If you don’t believe what we are saying to you now, let this season of giving be the time where you try it for yourself; see what God will do. Open your heart to God. Be sensitive to His voice. Allow Him to stretch your faith. Then, watch what He will do. Watch out; you’re going to be amazed!